What specific transition planning do you offer for military families?

AHS offers FISH Camp, an orientation for new students, at the beginning of the year so students can familiarize themselves with the school environment. AHS also has counseling services available to students to address emotional and adjustment issues, as well as educational support through our school counselors and MFLAC. Our MFLAC also provides resources for parents to connect to other military families and is available to answer questions parents may have regarding their child's educational experience.

Military Point of Contact - SLO Erin Pickard - 850-238-9830

What specific academic planning do you offer for military families?

AHS offers the following for military families:

  1. Transfer Support: Assistance in transferring academic records and ensuring a smooth transition between schools.
  2. Credit Transfer: Evaluation of credits earned in previous schools or through military education programs to ensure appropriate placement.
  3. Special Education Services: Ensuring that students with special needs have access to the necessary support and services in accordance with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).
  4. Counseling Services: Providing academic and emotional counseling to support students during transitions and helping them navigate challenges through our school counselors and triad team.
  5. College and Career Guidance: Assisting high school students, particularly juniors and seniors, with college and career planning, including standardized testing, college applications, and scholarship opportunities through our school guidance office.
  6. Military Liaison: Our MFLAC is available for military families to address specific concerns and provide information about available resources for students and parents.


What resources and educational opportunities do you offer for military children?

Arnold High School works to ensure military families have a plethora of resources and educational opportunities for military children. We facilitate a smooth transition of educational records and enrollment, ensure that students are placed in the proper classes, and promote opportunities for students to be involved in extracurricular activities at school.

Students also have access to school counselors daily if they have questions about class placement or planning for the future. Also, our MFLAC is on campus two days a week to assist students when needed.

Tell us about your student-led transition team

When new military students enter Arnold High School, they are welcomed by our Student Welcome Team. This team consist of students in grades 9-12 (in our Student to Student Club) that have shown leadership not only in academics, but in character and participation in school extracurricular activities. This team gives school tours, introduces students to key members of the staff (Principals, Media Specialists, Guidance Counselors, etc), connects new students to the MFLAC and answers questions new students may have about their school experience.

What supports do you offer for military ese children?

AHS offers FISH Camp at the beginning of the year so students can familiarize themselves with the school environment. In addition to this event, AHS offers an opportunity for families to meet with our school ESE Coordinator. In these meetings, the ESE Coordinator gives school tours, discusses accommodations and supports provided to students with disabilities, and answers any questions parents may have about their child's educational experience.

What military recognition events do you have planned?

AHS plans several military recognition events throughout the school year. Below is a list of planned events for the 2023-2024 school year:

  1. Purple Up Day: Students are encouraged to wear Purple in support of military families
  2. Veteran's Day Recognition/Military Appreciation Ceremony: This event is held during a home football game to recognize Veterans in our school and community
  3. 9/11 Ceremony: This event is held annually to remember all the lives lost on September 11th and to thank all the servicemen and women that risked or lost their lives

How do military children access mental health services on your campus?

Military children can access mental health services at AHS in the following ways:

  1. School Counseling Services: The AHS Guidance Department has trained school counselors that can provide initial support and guidance.
  2. Parent-Teacher Conferences: Teachers can assist parents and families with mental health concerns of students. These meetings are important because teachers can provide insights into academic and social behaviors that may affect a student's mental health.
  3. Triad: The AHS Student Services Department has mental health professionals available to assist students in crisis. These staff members can provide counseling services on campus, as well as connect families to outside resources that can help students.
OCSD Resources

BDS Resources for Military Families

The Bay District Schools website has a detailed list of Military Family Resources and Educational Opportunities to best assist your family. It contains a PCS document, services, programs, educational resources, and so much more to aid in the success of your educational goals.

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